Baby’s First Holiday – 9 travel tips for young families

baby and toddler holiday tips

There are few times you need a holiday more than the first few months of your little one’s life. Unfortunately, this is also one of the times you’re more likely to feel completely unprepared!

But enjoying baby’s first holiday needn’t be a struggle; take a look at our hints and tips to enjoy a relaxing journey and a wonderful break at the end.

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Take toys and games 

toys and games baby holiday tips

Bring toys and games that your baby loves and that don’t take up too much space. Keep it simple: toys suitable for indoor and outdoor play are perfect, such as stacking cups or plastic balls.


Unlike adults, babies find it harder to regulate their body temperature and can lose heat as much as four times quicker than adults.

Make sure you keep an eye on the in-car temperature, and take plenty of stops to cool down and stretch your legs.

Travel systems   

Going from buggy to car seat to buggy again can be disruptive for baby and exhausting for you. A travel system where the seat plugs into the buggy may be the ideal solution, especially if you need to move baby without waking them up.

If you’re travelling with a toddler than you might want to bring a lighter stroller to save space and make getting about on your holiday easier.

Window shields

baby travel tips window cover

Make sure you bring a removable window shield to keep the sun out and the in-car temperature down. There are few better ways to help baby settle in the car.

Home comforts

Don’t forget your child’s favourite items. A familiar nightlight, mobile or comforter can make the world of difference in helping them settle and sleep in an unfamiliar environment. And when they relax, so do you!

Work with their routines

If your baby has a designated sleep time then try to time your journey so they spend it slumbering. Likewise make sure you’re ready for normal feeding times. Keeping routines will help them feel safe and settle better.

Stop and stay hydrated

newborn baby travel tips water stop

It’s important to keep little ones hydrated, so make sure you take designated drink stops. Breaking up your journey can also do the world of wonder for easing stress and making travel a lot more pleasurable.

In-car entertainment

Bring your baby’s favourite music, stories or TV shows to keep them entertained. If you’re relying on tablets, MP3 players or electronic entertainment, make sure you bring travel chargers too!

Holiday essentials

Wipes, nappies, sunhats, changing mats, bibs, tissues, bottles, pumps, toys, sun protection and more – there’s a lot to remember when you take your baby away, but making sure you have the essentials can make your first holiday go off without a hitch.

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