8 Travel Tips for Family Car Journeys

Packing for the Car

family packing

Make sure you supervise your children’s packing; we all have different views on what’s essential! Backpacks with kids’ favourite toys, books and entertainment are also essential, but make sure you check with them before you set off – there’s nothing worse than hitting the motorway and finding out their favourite companion is buried at the bottom of the biggest case!

Food and Drink

travel treats

The first time you hear “are we nearly there yet?” you’ll know that time seems to move differently for children. Alongside a packed lunch for longer journeys, keep some treats close to hand for edible entertainment. A bag for litter is also essential!

All-weather Essentials


With a long car journey it’s always worth packing for all kinds of weather. Bring sunglasses, waterproofs and warm layers and keep them handy for quick stops.


in car music

There’s nothing like music to put you into holiday mode. Create the ultimate playlist before you set off and keep it handy to break up your journey. Make sure you include songs everyone likes and take turns to play their favourites.

Plan Your Stops

journey stop

If you know your route in advance, it’s worth checking out the stops available along the way. Not just service stations: you might find family attractions, playgrounds or just a nice place to stretch your legs too.

Travel Chargers

travel charger

Whether mobile phone, iPods or tablets – there’s plenty of electronic entertainment to keep the family happy on journeys. If you’ve managed to remember all your devices then make sure you bring their travel chargers too. There are few things worse than running out of batteries before your journey’s end!

Travel Updates

sat nav

Even if you know the way, keep a phone or Sat Nav handy to keep an eye on your arrival time and receive traffic or incident alerts along your route. It’s one of the easiest ways to ensure you arrive at your accommodation on time!

Other Essentials

car road holiday

Food and water are essential for taking on your journey, but don’t forget other essentials. Travel sickness tablets, inhalers, prescriptions and medication can all be really important to ensure a good journey and holiday afterwards. Don’t forget to check your vehicle’s oil, screen wash, tyre pressure and fuel levels too!

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