6 Amazing Doggy Innovations and Gadgets

Puppy on the grass

Keep your dog healthy, hydrated and happy with these 6 amazing high-tech gadgets and gizmos…

1. A Cool Vest for Hot Dogs

dog vest

Dogs can easily get too hot in summer, and a cool vest is an easy solution to help cool them down on very hot days! You simply wet the vest, put it on your pet and as the water evaporates it regulate your dog’s temperature. The tough material, although light and thin, stands up to hard ware and the waterproof lining means there’s no wet fur smell!

Find the sunniest dog friendly cottages in the South of England.

2. Self-Serving Doggie Drinks 

Worry no more that your dog isn’t drinking enough when it’s in the garden; Waterdog makes sure your dog only drinks fresh clean water so no more empty water bowls collecting dust and dirt. It doesn’t take long to train your dog to approach the pet fountain and activate a stream of fresh, cool water which stops automatically when they’ve had a drink. So a happy, healthy, hydrated pooch and peace of mind for you!

Find dog-friendly cottages with enclosed gardens in the UK (some may have an outdoor tap to set up your doggy fountain).

3. Find your Furry-Friend Anywhere

Photo: Garmin


Wouldn’t it be nice to always know where you dog is? Especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Garmin’s Astro is a highly sensitive GPS with an all-weather collar and transmitter that tracks your dog’s position, even if you can’t see or hear them!

Find cottages in Northern Scotland where you can really get off the beaten track and lose yourself!

4. Doggy Bags for Paw-fect Comfort

dog bag
Photo: Coolthings.com

The ‘Pet at Work Travel System’ is a simple solution to help you carry small pets in a back pack carrier, which also includes a portable foldaway dog house and even space for your things! Your dog will quickly start to feel at home in the removable Pet Dome, and before long you won’t be able to go anywhere without them!

Find cottages in the Lake District with lots of walking and loads of places to take your dog (Keswick is one of the most dog friendly towns in the UK!).

5. Hi-tech Entertainment for your Four-Legged Friend

Photo: doggiegadgets.com

Now you may think you’re ahead of the game with your mobile phone but check this out for your dog. Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera, Treat Dispenser and Light Game is a delightful dog-friendly gadget featuring a camera, a built in microphone, speaker, laser activated treat dispenser and an instant social sharing facility and more. This fun interactive product let’s you play together even if you’re not in the same room!

Find boutique dog friendly cottages in the UK where your hi-tech doggy will feel very much at home.

6. Furry Fit Bit for a Healthy Pet


Photo: doggiegadgets.com

We all want to be fit and healthy these days and now your dogs can join in the fun with the Fitbark2. You can monitor your dog’s daily activity, sleep and general health, and the Fitbark 2 transmitter is tiny, rugged, waterproof and fits snugly on the collar of any dog. You can even chart your dog’s progress against yours by linking into your personal trainer app.

Find dog friendly cottages within 1 mile of the coast and begin your new healthy lifestyle together.

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