Last Minute Cottage Holiday Packing List


It’s not always easy to know what to pack for a cottage break; every holiday property is unique, with different fixtures, features and contents in the cupboard!

With last minute and late availability breaks you can get away this weekend, so to make things even easier we’ve compiled the ultimate holiday cottage packing list for self-catering holidays.

Food and Drink

Make sure you have snacks for the journey, especially if you’re travelling with younger holidaymakers.

If you’re really organised you could arrange a supermarket delivery to meet you when you arrive. Otherwise the following is a handy list…

  • Milk
  • Tea and coffee (essential for when you arrive at your cottage!)
  • Breakfast cereal
  • Salt, pepper and sugar
  • Eggs
  • Cooking oil
  • Bread
  • Butter or margarine
  • Ketchup / condiments
  • Stock cubes
  • Bottle of wine / beer (put straight in the fridge when you arrive!)

Household Supplies

You will find most of what you need at your cottage, but it’s worth bringing the following, just in case:

  • Cling film and foil
  • Kitchen towel
  • Washing up liquid / Dishwasher tabs
  • Baby wipes

Holiday Essentials

Not just for summer, the following items will make sure your holiday goes swimmingly!

  • Towels for beach/hot tub
  • Cool bag
  • Swimming costumes and floats
  • Books, games and a selection of DVDs
  • Phone and tablet chargers

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