Enhance your Romance – 6 tips for the perfect romantic break

1. Ditch the digital

Woman putting down her phone on bench.

Living in an ‘always-on’ digital world makes it difficult to truly switch off.

Smartphones, tablets and emails are all vying for our attention, leaving little time for anything else. Even new habits are hard to break, so make the most of your time together by ditching the digital and truly switching off.

A ‘digital detox’ is a great way of refreshing yourself and getting to know each other again. Keep phone time to a minimum or, even better, go rural and find a place with no phone signal.

2. Bubble in paradise

Shot of an attractive young couple relaxing in a pool

There are plenty of health benefits associated with hot tub holidays, but the most obvious is it allows you to ease yourself into ‘holiday time’ in no time.

A bubbling hot tub under the stars is the key ingredient for a romantic getaway, and a scenic soak is perfect for increasing the romantic ambience.

3. ‘Dine’ don’t ‘Do dinner’

Two mature people laughing as they sit at a table, drinking vine and eating sushi. Evening or night with beautiful yellow lights lightning the scenes. Love is in the air.

You have more time to treat yourself on holiday, and that includes time for cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Choose to make dinner an event; turn off the TV, turn on the music, light some candles and enjoy!

Even if you don’t fancy cooking a sumptuous three-course feast, increasing the ambience while you dine together will work wonders to enhance your romance!

4. Go where your feet take you

walking couple

It’s not often we walk without a destination, but going for a romantic walk offers a lovely difference between doing and just being.

Hold hands, relax, soak up the scenery and marvel at your surroundings – a romantic walk is one of the easiest but most underappreciated ways to connect with each other.

Whether the Tuscan countryside, Cornish coast or streets of Paris, you can find a gorgeous retreat near to some of the world’s most romantic settings.

5. Make every night date night

Sharing a moment of romance

It’s easy to slip away from your usual routines and distractions on a romantic escape and enjoy time with just the two of you. So make time for yourself every day and enjoy date night, every night.

Whether a short break or a romantic week away, there are plenty of perfect escapes for two with loads of options to get you in the mood for love.

Outdoor dining, hot tubs, coastal locations, saunas, swimming pools, historic hideaways and much more provide the perfect setting for the best date night ever.

6. Clear the schedule  

Silhouettes of a young couple under the starry sky. Elements of this image are my work.

Half the fun of a holiday is planning what to do when you get there, but a romantic retreat should be all about what you’re not going to do.

Clear the schedule and let your break take you where you want to go. Enjoy late nights under the stars and all day lie-ins, romantic meals and much more.

If you reach a place you don’t want to leave then you’ve had a perfect break. Just make sure you keep the holiday feeling going when you return home.

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