5 Keys to Holiday Happiness

Whether making exciting plans, getting to know people better or brushing up on a new hobby, here are five ways to banish the blues and keep the holiday feeling going all year long.

1 Connecting

cottages party

Social interactions are one of the best ways to feel happy and fulfilled. Whether it’s saying hello to a neighbour, stopping for a chat in the street or taking the time to get to know someone better, there are few better ways to feel happy than by connecting with another person.

When you stay in a new town, village or community there’s a whole host of new people to meet – whether that’s your new neighbours, shopkeepers, landlords or friendly locals. And with holiday homes of all shapes and sizes, you can connect with your very own family and friends and feel great on your break.

2 Learning


Learning a new skill aids your concentration and discipline, keeps you engaged and curious and offers an amazing sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Perhaps the best thing about learning as a key to happiness is that it offers so much possibility; you could try your hand at a new language, learn a hobby, sport, activity or try and master a new form of transportation. And you can do all of those on your holiday.

3 Being Active

mountain biking

Taking care of your body is one of the most important steps to happiness. Whether eating well, getting enough sleep, rest or sunlight, you will often find that a healthy body lifts your spirits.

And while you don’t have to become a triathlete to notice a change in your mood, more active pursuits often offer a more welcome sense of accomplishment whilst also dusting the cobwebs away. Walking, cycling, swimming and more are all readily available from most holiday homes.

4 Taking Time


Most of us spend our days moving but very few of us are able to stop and look and truly appreciate our surroundings.

It’s not always possible to do this in the working day but a weekend or holiday away provides the perfect opportunity for you to slow down and marvel at the majesty of the world – and you will often find a holiday home provides the perfect setting with an abundance of natural beauty.

5 Looking forward


Giving yourself something to look forward is an amazing way to brighten up your day. A treat or a goal – no matter how big or small – is just the thing to put a smile on your face and keep you motivated.

Even better, a treat following a goal allows you to keep focused and motivated as you look forward to the reward at the end of your accomplishments. And what could be better than booking a break and counting down the days!

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