Babymoon Ideas in the UK and Ireland


We’re seeing a boom in the ‘babymoon’. It’s not really surprising, babymoons offer the last opportunity for soon-to-be parents to relax before a new chapter of life, and holidaymaking, begins.

The benefits of babymoons are huge; not only does a pre-birth break allow you to recharge your batteries, but it also works wonders on your wellbeing, and, let’s face it, holidays are just plain fun!

You don’t even need to travel too far from home to enjoy your very own babymoon, and with stays available from 1 night to 14, you can stay as long as you like with too.

Here’s our guide to babymoons in the UK and Ireland, with health and holiday tips, plus a few recommendations too…

When to go on a babymoon

when to go

The second trimester (weeks 13-27) of a pregnancy is the advised window for enjoying a babymoon.

This is when you are least likely to be affected by nausea and tiredness, and when you’re still a way from your new arrival and the discomfort associated with the third trimester. It’s known as the ‘honeymoon period’ of a pregnancy for a reason!

Where to go on your babymoon


As always, the season will play a part in your travel plans. A cosy countryside getaway is perfect for autumn and winter. With scenic walks and lovely pubs on your doorstep, it won’t be long before you’re easing yourself into holiday mode.

Similarly, coastal breaks are ideal for the warmer months. Fresh sea air, clear skies and beautiful beaches are perfect for putting a spring in your step and leaving you feeling energised!

With town and city breaks, and all kinds of other weird and wonderful properties, featured on, it really depends on what kind of break you’re going to enjoy the most.

What to do on your babymoon

pregnant and reading

Keep it simple! While there’s plenty to see and do around the UK and Ireland, a babymoon is primarily about wellbeing and relaxation, so make sure you make time for yourself.

An afternoon nap is a perfect way to recharge your batteries, take advantage of the comfort of your surroundings and prepare for your new arrival.

Reading a book and watching a film may not seem like an accomplishment, but you may not have time once your new arrival has appeared, so make the most of doing little!

You can find properties with swimming pools, relaxing spa treatments, sea views, beautiful gardens, cinema rooms and much more on

Babymoon travel tips

travel tips

Even if you’re only travelling an hour down the road, it’s really important to keep your blood circulating. Make sure you stop to stretch your legs whenever you can.

Keep your travel time to a minimum. Although the second trimester is the best time to travel, being in the car for excessive periods of time is rarely fun.

Move your seat back until you find the most comfortable position. Also wear the lap strap of your seatbelt under your bump and the diagonal one over your collarbone.

Keep your mobile phone charged and bring plenty of snacks and water to stay full and hydrated.

What to bring on a babymoon

pregnancy packing

  • Entertainment: Make the most of your holiday time by bringing your favourite DVDs and games. Don’t forget a good book too!
  • Creature comforts: Like any holiday, babymoons are about making you comfortable and easing yourself into holiday mode as quickly as possible. Bring your favourite blanket, cushions, pillows and anything else that might help you feel comfortable.
  • Layers: Pack your clothes appropriately for the location and season of you babymoon. Most importantly, bring layers as your body temperature can change rapidly during pregnancy (hopefully not like the weather!).
  • Phone charger: An easily forgotten essential; bring your phone charger so you can capture your babymoon and show your new arrival their almost first holiday.

Find romantic babymoon properties on

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