Bonfire Night Tips for Pet Owners


5 November is even easier to remember if you’re a pet owner.

Some animals cope very well with all the bangs and flashes around this time of the year, but lots don’t, and it can be a very stressful time for both you and your furry-friend.

Approximately 45% of dogs in the UK show signs of fear or anxiety when they hear or see fireworks, but there are many ways to keep peace and harmony in your home – as long as you don’t ignore the problem!

If you’re considering a few nights away from home, and are concerned about fireworks near your cottage, then it might be a good idea to look into times and locations of local displays.

dog walk

Here are a few other extras tips to keep your canine happy:

  • Take your dog for an extra long walk during the day on Bonfire Night to try and tire them out and before darkness falls.
  • Close all windows and curtains in the evening. If you have a dog or cat flap make sure it is locked with the pets safely inside.
  • Put the TV or radio on to distract from any outside noise.
  • Make a den in the quietest area of the house, cover it over with a blanket, put their bed, and a few of their favourite toys,  inside to encourage relaxation.

dog blanket

One other thing to consider is a Thundershirt, also known as an anxiety wrap, and sold at many large pet stores or on the internet. Recent statistics show it has a dramatic calming effect on over 80% of dogs who become anxious or over excited. The jacket applies a constant pressure on the animal’s torso and can also help with fear of thunder plus many other problems that cause anxiety.

Sometimes dogs will just jump on your lap or hideaway in their favourite corner. If this is the case just be there for them with lots of reassuring words and lots of cuddles!

Some pets will still get very distressed no matter how much you try to help. Visit your vet to discuss the best ways to help them; they can prescribe calming supplements or sedatives for very stressed pets.

The main thing is to plan ahead for Bonfire Night, stay indoors with them, and make sure you have done everything you can to keep your pets safe and happy this firework season!

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