High Flyers – Find out the nearest airport to our overseas properties


There is nothing worse than booking your dream holiday property overseas and then trying to figure out where the nearest airport is.  Spending hours going through properties and finding there is nothing nearby can be really disheartening. Many customers ask our call centre staff for assistance when making their reservation.

As we know that travel is just as important as the property, we have now done some of the leg work for you. All of our 4000+ overseas properties now have at least the location of the nearest airport, many of which are within a 1 hour drive, to your perfect holiday home.


Where can you find this information?

On each property that we have this information for the airport is stated underneath the text regarding the area and before the property text.

So whether it’s France, Italy or Ireland that takes your fancy we hope this additional information makes your holiday search that little less stressful.


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