England’s Finest Vineyards for English Wine Week

White wine bottle, vine, glass and bunch of grapes
Raising a glass to English wine

England produces a host of award-winning wines made from beautiful vineyards throughout the country. Each vineyard has their own award-winning wines and offer visitors a unique experience, whether it’s wandering through the grounds in the beautiful countryside or enjoying a wine tasting experience. So, with English Wine Week taking place from 24 May to 1 June 2014, what better time to focus both on the fantastic wines available and the beautiful locations in which they’re produced…

Visit the Beautiful Gloucestershire Vineyards

The Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire is one of the top vineyards in the country. This vineyard was the 2011 English Rose winner at the International Wine Championships. Set on seventy five acres, sprawling over beautiful hillsides, you will find this wine estate. They produce around three hundred thousand bottles of wine each year and offer guided tours daily at 2.30pm.

Enjoy a Glass of Wine at a Yorkshire Vineyard

Not all English vineyards are located large grounds. Leventhorpe Vineyard in Yorkshire is not only the longest established commercial vineyard in the area, but they are set on a small five acre plot. This vineyard still produces some of the best white wines in the region. Leventhorpe Vineyard open their doors daily to visitors, offering free entry and tastings of their delicious award-winning wines.

Enjoy the Natural Beauty Offered by the Sussex Vineyards

The stunning South Downs

Set in the spectacular South Downs National Park is the family owned Ridgeview Wine Estate in Sussex, known for their high quality sparkling wines. This vineyard has won numerous international and national awards. Ridgeview is a popular wine choice and is seen on shelves in wine shops throughout the country. This vineyard gives visitors the unique opportunity to visit their estate from 11am to 4pm Monday to Saturday. The vineyard offers some of the most spectacular views in the region as you taste a selection of superior wines produced here.

Another Sussex vineyard is the long established Bolney Wine Estate. This vineyard has been producing award winning wines since 1976. They specialise in white and sparkling wines, both of which have won numerous international and national awards. The estate spans over forty acres and is the perfect way to spend a relaxing Sussex afternoon. Bolney Wine Estate offer tasting tours from February to November where they offer information into the art of winery. There are such a wide selection of wine tours to choose from when visiting this estate from their tasting tour to their lunch tour.

Take Advantage of a Guided Wine Tour in Cornwall

One of the best known vineyards in Cornwall is the Camel Valley Vineyard based in Bodmin. Bodmin is a lovely area surrounded by moorland. This vineyard has been producing award-winning wines since 1989, including their Sparkling Rose which won the World Sparkling Wine Championships in 2010. Camel Valley Vineyard welcome visitors to their estate where you can take advantage of a guided tour of the estate or purchase a glass of wine and enjoy it on the sun terrace soaking up the spectacular views.

Natural Beauty in Dorset

Dorset is home to the beautiful Purbeck Vineyard known for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This estate has a small vineyard with three thousand vines set in the most beautiful countryside setting, surrounded by natural beauty. Purbeck Vineyard also has a restaurant and visitors can take a self-guided tour before enjoying lunch in the restaurant or outside in the sunshine. The vineyard also offers lunch tours, where guests enjoy a guide tour finished with an outstanding lunch in their beautiful restaurant.

Largest Wine Producers Located in Surrey

Denbies Vineyard is one of the largest wine producers in the United Kingdom. This vineyard has been producing high quality wines since 1986 and is family owned and operated. Denbies want to make not only the most spectacular wines, but they also welcome visitors to their estate with a host of amenities and tours. The estate offers visitors the opportunity to take advantage of indoor and outdoor tours, making it an ideal outing throughout the year. They also have a gift shop, farm shop and brewery on site. The estate is open throughout the week where visitors can enjoy tastings and buy some bottles of this award-winning wine to take home with them.

The Spectacular Vineyards in Kent

Kent is home to two of England’s best vineyards. Chapel Down Vineyard in Tenterden has won numerous gold medals for their wine selection. This vineyard makes a good selection of red, white, rose and sparkling wines which are all available for tasting. Set in the Kent countryside, Chapel Down Vineyard is a fantastic place to visit when exploring the area. Their three guided tours which are offered daily give insight into the history of English wines, the production process and so much more. All tours are finished with a delicious tasting.

The other great place in Kent is Terlingham Vineyard. This vineyard is set in the most spectacular position overlooking the English Channel, only a short distance from the White Cliffs of Dover. Terlingham Vineyard produce hand crafted wines which are made using traditional methods and they produce some of the most amazing wines in the area today. Their wine shops is open every Saturday from 10.30am to 1pm and while they don’t offer tours, you are able to soak up some of the panoramic views this vineyard has to offer as you purchase your wine selection to take home with you.

A South Devon Delight

Located in Totnes in South Devon is the large Sharpham Vineyard, which sits on five hundred acres of farm land. A portion of this land is used to provide some of the best known award winning wines in England. Sharpham Vineyard are known for their fruity flavoured wines which can be tasted in every single step. With over twenty years of wine production experience, Sharpham Vineyard is a must when visiting the South Devon area. They offer tours throughout the year from Monday to Sunday during the summer season and Monday to Saturday during winter. Don’t miss out on this unique wine tasting opportunity when you’re next in Devon.

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