Filmed on Location in Ireland

The stunning Dingle Peninsula
The stunning Dingle Peninsula

The vibrant cultural heritage of Ireland is well renowned; this is a country that is blessed with some of the most stunning natural scenery in Europe. Rolling greenery and a stunning rugged island coastline unsurprisingly have drawn filmmakers from the world of film and television to shoot against a scenic backdrop with superlative good looks. The ancient and haunting landscape has featured in many of our favourite movies and television programmes, we are going to take a look at some of the best known.

Braveheart – County Wicklow and Kildare

Much of this historic Scottish epic was in fact shot in Ireland, including many of the films key battle scenes. To the consternation of some, the tax breaks and lower costs in Ireland meant that much if the movie was filmed outside Scotland. The two countries of course share a Celtic connection with much of their common history shared across the ages. The mountains of County Wicklow play host to village scenes in the film with the remains purpose built cottages still present today. The Battle of Stirling Bridge was filmed on a huge area of flatland in County Kildare, between New Bridge and Kildare.

Ryan’s Daughter – County Kerry

County Kerry on Ireland’s wild westerly Atlantic reaches was the setting for scenes in ‘Far and Away’ but also the classic academy award winning Ryan’s Daughter. Starring Robert Mitchum, the film is set during World War I during the aftermath of the Easter Rising. The picturesque backdrop for the drama is the fictional village of Kirray, on the Dingle peninsula. Considered one of County Kerry’s most beautiful areas, the rugged Dingle Peninsula perhaps best captures the romantic essence of Ireland, a mesmerising seascape that is simply breathtaking. The deep blue water with surrounding scenery makes this one of the most beautiful corners on the Irish Isle.

Father Ted – Aran Islands, County Galway

The much loved Channel 4 comedy series Father Ted depicts the hilarious exploits of three priests exiled off the west coast of Ireland. Outdoor scenes were predominantly filmed on the Aran Islands, and in particular Inis Mor and Inis Oirr. As testament to the enduring popularity of Father Ted, fans still flock each year to see for themselves the real life setting for ‘Craggy Island’. These pristine islands in the Bay of Galway represent a throwback to a lost way of life in Ireland, an authentic flavour of old Ireland a land swathed in the lore of myth and legend.

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