Christmas Destinations 2013


As many of you will be aware, the way the Christmas dates fall this year mean that a week’s break straddles the bank holiday, giving a great balance of days leading up to Christmas and still allowing for a couple of days afterwards. As a result lots of people are taking the full week off and looking at holiday destinations that are a little further afield.  Many are doubtless looking for that illusive ‘Christmas card’ idyll, the perennial desire for a white Christmas right here in Britain. With convenient festive booking dates and the season fast approaching, let’s take a look at some of those ‘picture perfect’ destinations for a Christmas to remember in 2013!

Christmas in the Cairngorms

In recent years the winters have been cold, and practically anywhere in Britain have a good chance of seeing snow, but if you really want to increase your chances then a break in and amongst some of Scotland’s most rugged and beautiful scenery might be perfect for you this year.  With the colder temperatures the Cairngorms has continued to thrive as a centre for winter sports in Britain. With plenty of powder snow across the Highlands, skiers and snowboarders have been making the most of what has turned into an extended season over the past few winters. This is ‘Monarch of the Glen’ territory where countryside really meets wilderness, a scenic backdrop that exemplifies the very best of Scottish natural beauty.

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Christmas in Snowdonia

You really can’t beat that feeling of invigoration and sense of freshness produced by a crisp winter’s morning in North Wales. Waking up to breath taking scenery, maybe walking from your doorstep into probably the most dramatic countryside in Wales and then returning to a warm hearth and a little more of that Christmas ‘spirit’, it is hard not to see the attraction.  If you are in search of a winter wonderland this Christmas, Snowdonia maybe the perfect choice to enjoy the total freedom of a rural holiday this winter. Whether you want to cocoon yourself in a snug cottage or immerse yourself in the surrounding beauty (or perhaps both) North Wales is a great option to enjoy a traditional Christmas this December.

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Christmas in the Lake District

With the snow lying across the Cumbrian fells, there surely cannot be many more enigmatic settings this Christmas than in the Lake District National Park. With idyllic country villages decorated in tinsel and lights set against the towering hillsides, you are quickly transported to the magical essence of Christmas’ past. Atmospheric throughout the year, the Lake District has the power to immerse the senses but at Christmas there just that something extra special being in a timeless crystalline winter landscape.  With some of the finest and most scenic walking in the country, you will soon burn off that Christmas ‘excess’ without really noticing! Where will you be spending Christmas 2013?

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