Ride with Brad – Rob’s Training Diary 31/07/13


I like to get out on my mountain bike and do a short trail for about 40mins or so, and I tend to cycle at a fast pace. I cover about 7 miles. The terrain is a mix of canal footpath, dirt track, and mud. I try to get out of the saddle for bursts of speed and keep my pace changing throughout. I am hoping that this will help my legs have enough power to accelerate when I need it on the long hauls.

The other reason I like being out on my mountain bike is “I like being out on the mountain bike!” Especially getting away from the urban landscape, rolling down a mountainside, hitting jumps and drops. The constant change in terrain keeps me sharp, and most of all there are no cars. Weather isn’t an issue (within reason) .

I have a particular route I use often which is an old railway line, with no sleepers or tracks left on it. It’s great because of the mix of terrain; it also has a natural break in the middle where it leads into a town.

At this point I can:

a)     Turn back

b)     Continue on the next section

c)     Have a pit stop in the café (I’ve not done this one yet)

On the second stretch there is a STRAVA segment that I like to try and beat. I got second on it once, not sure if I still hold that position. Really this ride is all about fun, that way I will keep on keeping on.

Check out the video below to check out part of the trail and don’t forget to help me raise some funds for the Pendle Hospice.


Rob’s taking part in the 50 kilometres route on the Ride with Brad in support of Pendleside Hospice. The event takes place on 11 August in Lancashire and will feature a host of activities in support of the main rides. Find more info on our website

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