Cottage of the Week – The Lookout, St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe

We have more than a few opportunities to explore British heritage here at cottages4you, with plenty of historic properties and a number of chances to follow in the footsteps (and sleep under the same roof!) of an array of famous Britons.

With The Lookout in St Margaret’s-at-Cliffe you get to stand on the terrace where perhaps the greatest Briton of all once surveyed the seas. It’s doubtful that Winston Churchill also slept at The Lookout, but since the level of comfort afforded by the property has come on in leaps and bounds over the years, we doubt he could resist taking one of his famous daily naps if he were to visit today.

In fact, the harmony of perfectly preserved heritage and contemporary comfort is one of The Lookout’s strongest qualities. The master bedroom offers a wonderfully comfortable double bed with high quality furnishings, stylish yet homely décor and 180-degree panoramic views of the Channel’s stunning blue waters.

Perched on the edge of the White Cliffs of Dover, you don’t have far to travel to enjoy some of the UK’s finest walking routes, with a wealth of gentle terrain and breathtaking scenery to explore just a few steps from your door. If you’re seeking much-needed refreshment then by day part of the ground floor houses The Bluebird Tea Rooms, open to walkers and guests 6 days a week and Bank Holidays.

As the name suggests, one of the greatest pleasures of holidaying at The Lookout comes from sitting out on the balcony, enjoying the uninterrupted views of the English Channel. Great efforts have been made to make your stay at The Lookout as leisurely as possible. The living room offers a wood-burning stove, TV and DVD player to complement the delightful furnishings. Younger holidaymakers will love the nautical theme and bunk beds whilst adults will love the abundance of beauty and tranquility that the property, and its surrounding area, affords.

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Churchill, and many happy holidaymakers, whilst enjoying some of the UK’s finest views then you can make a booking and find more info on The Lookout’s listing on cottages4you.

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