101 places to go – St George’s Day activities

Dover Castle
England’s largest castle: where better to celebrate St George?

While it would seem that the most appropriate way to celebrate the Patron Saint’s Day of England would be to go out and slay a dragon, George’s efforts in that department were supposedly so successful that you’ll have to make do with a host of alternative events.

Thankfully, the events taking place across the length and breadth of England are a little safer than George’s endeavours. So while you may not get a historic day named in your honour, at least you’ll have a nice day out. Sounds like a fair trade off to us!

While Saint George’s origins are shrouded in history and exaggerated by legend, one thing that most experts seem to agree on is that he was once a Roman soldier. Hadrian’s Wall then would be one of the best of the locations to celebrate the real life of George and his compatriots. Chesters Roman Fort and Museum at Hadrian’s Wall are running a Dragon Family Fun Trail on April 20 and 21. According to the website ‘St George needs your help to find all the mini dastardly dragons before they distress the damsels.’ Sounds great – if you’re brave enough!

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The largest castle in England with commanding views over the blue waters of the Channel is perhaps one of the best ways to experience the more magical side of the myth of Saint George. Dover Castle’s St George’s Day Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate in one of England’s most significant historical settings. Step through England’s story; enjoy medieval crafts and cookery, puppet shows, music and watch St George battle the dastardly dragon!

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The festival at Wrest Park in Buckinghamshire promises to be the biggest St George celebration in the country. Enjoy a variety of displays at this equestrian extravaganza – including medieval jousting! Children will be able to get involved with the interactive theatre and the medieval atmosphere will be aided with a number of campsites that you are free to wander through in the park’s 90-acre grounds. The highlight of the day will of course be the epic battle of wits between George and the dragon. Make sure you don’t miss it!

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Trafalgar Square will be hosting its annual Feast of St George on Saturday 20 April. This free event promises lots of food, plenty of music and much flag waving. This year’s event focuses on British food and will serve a number of free tastings, a banqueting area, live cookery demonstrations and food workshops. So bring your smiles and your appetites and celebrate England’s patron saint in one of the nation’s most recognisable locations.

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Castle Drogo in Devon may be England’s youngest castle but its Saint George celebrations are a little more grown up, involving, as they do, a lovely lunch on April 23 amongst the castle’s splendid surrounds. Entrance includes a tour of the house and access to the grounds, so you can take a stroll afterwards in what we’re hoping will be idyllic English sunshine.

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