101 places to go – Verona

Verona and Adige River

Few would argue with the fair city of Verona’s status as a ‘must see’ destination for lovers. After all, it was within the city’s beautiful Roman edifices and medieval facades that William’s Shakespeare’s story of star-crossed romance came to life. Although advances have obviously modernised Verona, it still possesses a uniquely romantic, historic ambience and – thanks to its invitingly temperate climate – is a wonderful place to visit all year round.

Shakespeare himself was so enraptured with the city that he also set The Taming of the Shrew and (of course!) The Gentleman of Verona there. It’s hard not to feel the inspiration yourself as you gaze over the expansive Piazza Bra at the incredible Verona Arena or the lovely Piazza delle Erbe, and its famous resident, Madonna Verona.

There’s much more to see and do in Verona, whether you’re on a romantic break or a trip away with the family. Here are a few of our favourite sights…

• Verona conveys such a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere that simply sitting and watching the world go by is one of our favourite holiday activities. One of the best places to absorb the city’s ambience and admire the relaxed pace of life is the Ponte Pietra. This stunning stone bridge spans the Adige and affords wonderful panoramic views of the surrounding area. Whether you visit in the day or at night, you’re guaranteed a wonderful experience.

• Our next two recommendations offer a wonderful showcase of local history and ornate heritage. The Sant’Anastasia is basically an art gallery housed in a huge Gothic red brick church. In the light, airy interior you will find a stunning collection of paintings and frescoes.

• San Zeno Maggiore Church offers a wonderful ornate Romanesque interior to explore. Alongside the frescoes, large marble columns and impressive altarpiece you will also find a very atmospheric crypt: the setting for Romeo and Juliet’s marriage in Shakespeare’s classic.

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