Photographing Britain – Landscape Photography

Gareth McKillop, our resident photography blogger, is kicking off the New Year with an article on landscape photography. If you got a new camera for Christmas, or made a resolution to get out and about a bit more, you’re bound to find a few useful pointers, and if you’re already a keen photographer make sure you share your own tips in the comments section!


For me, photography has developed as a passion comparatively late in life and this is basically because of technology. Digital SLRs have transformed the world of photography making this an accessible and hassle free pastime. Now with cameras on mobile phones we are all budding photographers in the making. Recent advancements, particularly with iPhones, means that we have powerful tools at our fingertips that were unimaginable just a decade ago. Superb resolution and panoramic functionality means that we can capture our holiday adventures and can share our ‘snaps’ with family and friends before we have even returned home!

Photography is immersive. Fundamentally it’s about being out and about in our stunning countryside whilst trying (and sometimes failing) to capture the essence of its beauty.  I just love the experience of being surrounded by our beautiful countryside – whether that’s in and amongst rolling hills or strolling along dramatic coastal paths. Mile after mile, the vista is always changing, providing a multitude of different photo opportunities with the added bonus (especially with those Christmas pounds to lose) that you are benefiting from the exercise without really realising it, and there is of course the anticipation of ‘reliving’ the day’s experience whilst uncovering ‘jewels’ that you can share with the world on easy to use web sites such as Flickr.


This is a great time of year to get out and about to photograph Britain. The paths are comparatively empty but the key for me is the fact that the light changes quickly and the changeable weather provides fascinating juxtapositions that help to create the mood in your landscape photography. I am particularly keen working with sunsets, the beautiful colours really enhance a scene and during this time of year you do not need to wait too long for dusk to fall. Winter transforms the landscape and there is great beauty in the harshness. Frosty mornings are a photographer’s goldmine, with beautiful scenes created with the soft light filtered through pristine ice crystals and majestic snowfields that look stunning set against a mountainous background.

There really is a large amount of diverse countryside on our small island and plenty of great opportunities for landscape photography. You are never really too far from stunning countryside that you can capture digitally forever.  If you have never really tried landscape photography why not get your phone out whilst you are out and about on your next cottage holiday? With such a beautiful subject, you might be surprised at your results. With many web sites now offering very competitive prices for framing on canvas, landscape shots look great hung on the wall. Good Luck!

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