Travelling with Pets in the EU

iStock_000008064539MediumpetpassportIt is a truism to say that us Brits love animals and love to take our pets on holiday with us. At cottages4you we understand that a ‘family holiday’ would not be a ‘family holiday’ without the whole family going! We do of course feature thousands of properties throughout the UK that welcome pets and many without any additional charge, and with recent changes in EU legislation taking your pet to the continent has never been easier.

Mandatory blood tests have been rescinded whilst travelling into Britain from EU countries thus immediately removing a six month wait. In the past the draconian quarantine laws effectively meant that taking your pet abroad for a holiday was effectively a ‘non-starter’, this has now thankfully been replaced by Defra’s Pet Travel Scheme. Britain is still a rabies free country and sensible precautions have been introduced to allow pet owners to leave and return to Britain as long as simple guidelines are followed:

  •  Get  your pet micro chipped

Micro chipping your pet helps to allow validation of documentation to match your pet. In addition you have the added re-assurance that should you become separated, micro chipping means that you should become re-united quicker with the least amount of heartache possible.

  •  Get your pet vaccinated against rabies

Cases of rabies in Britain are incredibly rare, let’s keep it that way. The Pet Travel Scheme is intended to reduce cases in pets still further indeed The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs envisage that this could become a ‘once in every 200 year’ event. It is important to realise that vaccination must come after your pet has been micro chipped so your vet can record the micro chip number against the vaccination record. You can enter an EU country with your pet  21 days following vaccination.

  •  Get your pet an EU Pet Passport

Once you pet has been micro-chipped and vaccinated you can apply for your EU pet passport. It is vital that you make sure you have your pet’s vaccination record and proof/details of the micro chipping.

  •  Get you pet treated for tapeworm

This must be performed by your vet  (and not by yourself) with the detail recorded on the micro chip and the treatment must contain Praziquantel. This is something that needs to be done every time your pet travels to and from Britain within the required guidelines (no less than 24 hours and no more than 120 hours before your scheduled return time to the UK)

These practical steps alongside advances in medical technology help to protect pets whilst continuing to keep rabies out of Britain and importantly allowing families to have fun with their pets on holidays abroad. Enjoy!

Check out our pets landing page for dog friendly holiday cottages in the UK, Ireland and France.

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