101 places to go – Europe’s cultural festivals

We’re looking at cultural and artistic events in the new installment of our 101 places to go. Now that winter’s stepping up a notch there’s no better time to wrap up warm and stimulate your senses with a wide-array of artistic attractions. In fact, there’s so much going on in the arts at the moment that we could only narrow down our recommendations to three events: one in Britain, one in France and one in Italy. There’s plenty more going on all over Europe, but we’ve settled on events in locations that offer more than enough to enjoy whether you indulge your artistic desires or not.

Film in Bath

They say great cinema can make you see the world in a different light. It’s certainly a wonderful proposition, but you won’t find much on the glorious Georgian streets and architecture of Bath in the festive period that you’ll want to change. Still, the Bath Film Festival will still give you much to chew on as you walk the wonderful streets, dine in the fantastic eateries and relax afterwards in your holiday cottage.

Following its inception – when the Bath film society screened a number of French films and made £50 profit! – The BFF has become noted for its novel and cerebral celebration of cinema. The live music accompanying silent screenings in particular is well worth experiencing, and you can do so until 25 November 2012.

Find more info on the festival website and accommodation on cottages4you.

Art in Paris

Bath may have begun its cinematic celebrations by screening French films, but for a true celebration of Gallic culture where else can you go but Paris? The ‘City of Light’ takes its status as an artistic hub so seriously that it dedicates the entire Autumn season to celebrating the world of contemporary art.

The Festival d’Automne à Paris was founded in 1972 and offers a mixed programme comprised of visual art, music, cinema, theatre and more. If this is already enough to make you roll your eyes then take heart from the fact that Paris looks particularly glorious when bathed in the golden light of an Autumn afternoon. In fact, it’s practically a work of art in itself!

Find more info on the festival website and accommodation on cottages4you.

Music in Rome

We think it’s fairly safe to say our next suggestion began far later than St Ambrose’s famous proverb about being in Rome and doing as its residents do. ‘When in Rome, go to the Autumn Jazz Festival’ may not roll off the tongue in quite the same effortless way, but it’s equally sage advice!

This year’s Roma Jazz Festival aims to celebrate the close links that music has with the screen in one of Europe’s most iconic locations. Enjoy films, documentaries, fiction, cartoons, video clips, live soundtracks, computerised compositions and, of course, all that jazz! That is, when not enjoying the visual splendour of Rome to a great soundtrack. The Festival runs until 25 November.

Find more info on the festival website and accommodation on cottages4you.

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