Christmas in Edinburgh

How to start with describing how good a place Edinburgh is to visit during Christmas? It’s hard.

After all, the city, one of the best, most culturally vibrant, pretty and entertaining in the UK, is a spectacular place for a short break or family holiday any time of the year – at Christmas time it’s a bona fide winter wonderland.

So, how about someone real, native to the city, someone who gets right in the midst of the festive spirit, to shed a little light about Edinburgh during the run up to Santa’s season of jolly fun and good times.

“I love being in the city at Christmas time,” says Lisa Mayes, 38, deputy manager of Tiso on Rose Street. “The German market and the big Ferris wheel with the backdrop of the castle and a sprinkle of snow makes me feel like I’m inside a beautiful snow globe.

“Cheesy I know but that’s me.”

Very cheesy indeed, but nothing to be apologetic about, that pretty much sells Edinburgh to us at cottages4you, and we take some pleasing!

Indeed, Edinburgh has long been recognised as one of the best cities in the world to spend Christmas on a family holiday – it sure does punch its weight when it comes to putting on a good show.

When Princes Street is kitted out for example, you can’t help but be in awe at the vista you are greeted with. Spectacular, yes, but that doesn’t seem to fully describe the sheer awesomeness of it.

Some notable attractions are the Edinburgh Wheel, the largest outdoor ice rink in Europe and, of course, its brilliant markets.

There’s the traditional German market, propped up by stallholders from Frankfurt, selling all sorts of dazzling gifts, many of which are traditional, alongside more contemporary items.

With a chill in the air – and maybe snow on the ground – it makes sense to take a bite of some gorgeous German offerings, as filling as they are tasty. Check out the fired potato cakes, crepes and yummy sausages. And wash down with a nice German beer too.

For those looking for something of a Scottish-esque Christmas, then fear not, the traditional highland village Christmas market provides you with a bonny gig. Located next to the Edinburgh Wheel and outdoor ice rink, this market has a paraphernalia of Scottish goods.

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