Cottage of the Week – Casa Modica

We thought our new Cottage of the Week required a change of tack. While we’re more than happy to curl up by the fire in any number of holiday cottages at this time of year (as last week’s example proved), we’ve just launched our overseas online booking for 2013, so we’re already planning our summer holidays next year!

At cottages4you, we think overseas breaks are all about immersing yourself in a different culture, absorbing local customs, making friends and enjoying a different pace of life. For that, and several more reasons, we’ve selected Casa Modica in Sicily as this week’s featured property.  The most obvious reason should be evident from the photos above: just look at the stunning views of the surrounding scenery provided by this traditional Italian holiday home.

There are few better locations than Casa Modica for a truly unique and authentic experience of ‘la bella vita’. The property is also well suited for an exploration of Sicily’s many attractions. Modica city itself – a UNESCO heritage site – offers a wealth of historic charms. Walk the tranquil streets and you’ll be surrounded by traditional Sicilian Baroque architecture, beautiful landmarks like the Castello dei Conti and the Garibaldi Theatre, and a delightfully relaxing ambience.

Sicily’s Mediterranean climate is best appreciated with sand under your toes, the sun on your skin and the sound of sparkling waters lapping the shore. Venture 20km from Casa Modica and you can choose which of Sicily’s best beaches you’d like to sit down and admire the shimmering expanses of the Med from.

It’s safe to say that beauty is all but inescapable at Casa Modica. Alongside a delightful décor that effortlessly combines historical charm with contemporary comfort – without compromising its unique style – you can stand on the terrace and enjoy incredible views of Modica. Like most incredible holiday properties, it presents you with a wealth of options and allows you to enjoy your break however you see fit.

To find out more and make a booking take a look at the property’s listing on cottages4you.

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