101 places to go – Ilfracombe & North Devon coast

We’re celebrating North Devon’s seaside heritage this week with a wonderful window into the region’s coastal life. Ilfracombe is every inch the quintessential English seaside resort with lovely Victorian architecture, fantastic coastal scenery, enjoyable walks and some great cultural celebrations.

The town also boasts a burgeoning arts scene with several art galleries and places to appreciate works from the likes of local resident Damien Hirst (Hirst’s The Quay restaurant is also one of the town’s most popular eateries). The surrounding area is equally rich with leisure opportunities and stunning sights. For example, the lovely Exmoor National Park just 4 miles away. One of the UK’s first protected parks, it boasts wide expanses of open heath and wild moorland. Equally lovely is the island of Lundy off Devon’s northern coast. Undisturbed by time, it’s a wonderfully tranquil place with rich wildlife, a tranquil ambience and a fascinating heritage.

Here are a few more recommendations for things to see and do in and around Ilfracombe and the North Devon Coast.

• The Sea Ilfracombe Maritime Festival basically distills all that makes the region so appealing. There are music performances, boat trips, workshops, art exhibits, sporting events, food, drink and much more. It runs from Friday 31 August until Tuesday 4 September.

• If the weather is against you on your visit to Ilfracombe then we’d recommend a stop-off at the town’s cinema. Often described as like stepping back in time it offers the film releases of today with the nostalgia – and prices! – of yesterday.

• Ilfracombe’s rocky coastline is justly celebrated, and its beach has received numerous plaudits for its rock-pooling opportunities. However, along with its natural geography, it attracts more than its fair share of visitors for the man-made caves that were excavated in Victorian times to allow visitors to reach the beach. Now it’s as much a tribute to the town’s past as it is a gateway to a fantastic beach. But, either way, it’s a ‘must-see’ attraction for those visiting the area.

If you fancy staying in the area we still have availability on a number of properties at Moorhead Farm.

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