101 places to go – Buxton

Not only the ‘Gateway to the Peak District’ – a region so spectacular it practically invented the National Park – our new recommended destination also offers one of the UK’s finest celebrations of high culture. That’s not to say that the Buxton Festival is an overly highbrow affair best watched through a polished  monocle. Far from, much like Buxton itself, it’s a fantastically accessible gateway to a wonderful world of music and literature.

The Festival’s centerpiece is undoubtedly the Buxton Opera House. When this stunning Frank Matcham designed building was restored in the late 1970s the Buxton Festival became all about opera. And if you’ve ever taken in a show, or enjoyed a stroll around the lovely theatre complex, you’ll know there are few better venues to enjoy a show or a front row exploration of traditional British culture.

But there’s far more to the Buxton Festival than opera, and there’s certainly more to Buxton than the Festival! You can check out a few of the other events on the website. In the meantime we’re going to list a few of Buxton’s other notable highlights so you make the most of your visit.

• With the surrounding beauty of the Peak District you won’t be short of glorious views to admire, but not all of Buxton’s beauty is above ground level. The illuminated crystal formations at Poole’s Cavern offer a truly magical experience to visitors. Though they remain one of the region’s most popular attractions, the Cavern still maintains a unique, otherworldly atmosphere.

• A walk through the Pavilion Gardens, sometimes known as the ‘green heart of Buxton’, is truly like taking a step back in time. The lovely Victorian Pavilion and its surrounding gardens offer a tranquil oasis in an already relaxing environment. There are also a variety of seasonal attractions running throughout the year so a unique experience is all but assured.

• Our last recommendation is something of a two-for-one. Buxton Crescent is a listed building that offers a wonderfully complex 18th century architectural style. When you’ve finally finished admiring its regal stylings you can pay a visit to St Ann’s Well, opposite. Here you’ll find a natural spring supplying Buxton with its famed geothermal water. Of particular interest is a well-dressing festival that takes place every summer.

Share your Buxton recommendations in the comments below. If you’d like to book a break then take a look at our featured holiday cottages in Buxton today.

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