101 places to go – Brockholes

Getting back to nature is all well and good but there are always lines to be drawn in the mud. For example, there are those who will happily put on a pair of Hunter wellies for a quick trudge through a nature reserve, only to turn round and head back to the car upon the first glance of a chaffinch. Some hardier ‘twitchers’, however, will gladly dedicate a weekend to lying facedown in a moss-covered bunker on the off-chance they catch sight of a rare wryneck. The chance of a Nature Reserve catering to both tastes was fairly unlikely – until recently.

Brockholes near Preston aims – and we have to say, easily succeeds – to blur this divide by offering more of an all-encompassing nature ‘experience’. The first thing you notice when you turn off the M6 is the amazing floating Visitor Village, which can easily accommodate the area’s occasional flooding (as proved by last weekend’s downpours!). In the centre you’ll find a couple of shops and a lovely restaurant which offers amazing views over the lake.

Thanks to its sustainable design, and unique floating pontoon construction, the centre not only offers a unique experience to visitors but also works incredibly hard not to upset the delicate balance of nature. Brockholes is one of Lancashire’s prime habitats for waterbirds, dragonflies and an enchanting array of indigenous flora. And even if you’re a fair-weather friend of exploring wildlife in the great outdoors, you’ll find the lovely walks around the water and woodland are more than enough to keep you out of the car for an hour or two.

There’s a host of events taking place at Brockholes over the summer, including walks, talks, workshops, sales and more. Visit the website to find out more.

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Have you been to Brockholes? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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