Beach Holidays in Cornwall

Crantock Beach

For many of us when considering a beach holiday in Britain, the destination of choice is instinctively Cornwall. This is something deep-rooted about this, imprinted from childhood with distant thoughts of Cornish vanilla ice creams, sand castles with miniature paper union jacks or rampant lions and of course….hours of fun in the sea.

As adults the pull of the Cornish peninsula is still strong. The ice cream still tastes great, you can still buy the paper flags and of course there is a timeless quality about the beautiful beaches, welcome echoes of our childhood dreams. If you are returning with children it is the perfect opportunity to regress.  Whilst hunting down pensive crabs or futile attempts to catch up with darting fish, the separation of age between parent and child suddenly becomes blurred. Growing up we learn to appreciate the finer things in life, where once all that mattered was clambering across rocks to reach ‘the pirates cave’, now we stand transfixed by the golden sand dissolving into stunning aqua-marine. The water clarity is impressive and the azure tones sometimes leave you wondering if you are really on holiday in Britain at all.


Whilst many things in Cornwall remain unchanged, as time has past, the allure of the region has been enhanced by the quality of its evolving holiday infrastructure.  As the culinary palate of the nation has become more sophisticated, Cornwall too has enjoyed a renaissance in the quality of its restaurants. After a hard day’s rock pooling, the evenings offer satisfied reflections whilst enjoying some of Britain’s most stunning eateries. Perched on cliffs overlooking lagoon like bays or tucked in the harbour overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall can be proud of its burgeoning restaurant scene.

There is something about a Cornish beach that really cleanses the soul. It is more than just the separation of the mind from a computer monitor; it is coming face to face with the timeless peace of nature at its best. The seascape is ever-changing, the rise and retreat of the tide constantly changes the view. From the disappearing tidal river at Crantock or at Perranporth, where the sea consumes a huge three mile expanse of sand, the borderline between the different worlds of land and sea constantly shifts. Beach after beach along the vast coastline offers a delightful choice of holiday backdrops. From Sennen and Porthcurno in the west to Holywell and Constantine Bays in the North, you are sure to find your picture perfect British beach holiday in Cornwall.

By Gareth McKillop

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