101 places to go – Whitby

Summer may not seem like a natural time for vampires. After all, anything with an unnatural fear of sunlight would do well to avoid the one time of the year when vitamin D’s all but inescapable.

But here we are approaching the warmest time of year (apparently!) and not only do we have Johnny Depp entertaining cinema audiences as 200 year old undead head of household Barnabas Collins in Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, but we also have the unique proposition of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and the last chapter of the Twilight saga to look forward to.

That summer and vampires go well together shouldn’t really come as a surprise. After all, Dracula chose one of the UK’s most popular Victorian seaside resorts as the first stop on his holiday from Transylvania (during a Jubilee year too!). And since vampires appear to be the flavour of the month, we’ve chosen this very location as our new ‘101 places to go in the UK, Ireland and France’.

It may be a well-worn description but Whitby really is a place of contrasts. Stroll around the harbour and not only can you enjoy a traditional bright and cheery seaside setting with waves lapping the shore, ice cream stands and ‘Kiss Me Quick’ hats, but you can also glance uphill and marvel at the somber beauty of Whitby Abbey. You really can’t imagine Dracula spending his holidays anywhere else!

Whitby caters to all kinds of holidaymakers with a wonderfully diverse array of attractions. We’re going to list a few of our favourites below but we’d love to hear your suggestions too.

•  He may have gone on to explore the uncharted waters of the Pacific, and in doing so became one of history’s most celebrated Britons, but it was in Whitby’s harbour that Captain Cook’s naval training began. You can learn more about the life before the legend at the Captain Cook Museum.

•  Often overlooked in favour of the harbour and abbey, Pannett Park is one of Whitby’s most enjoyably tranquil locations. Thanks to its ‘best-kept secret’ status you’ll find plenty of peace and quiet – not to mention fantastic views of the town. The Whitby Museum is also located within the park and is well worth a visit.

•  As lovers of food we think that local dining is as much a part of the holiday experience as exploring the landscape. Whether you agree or not, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to enjoy fish and chips at The Magpie Café. One of the finest fish restaurants in Yorkshire, its lunchtime queues are almost at famous as its signature dishes. We’d recommend getting there early.

If you fancy joining the happy families, history lovers, culture vultures, fine diners and vampires by enjoying a holiday in Whitby take a look at our featured holiday cottages in the region today.

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