Cottage of the week – Rose Cottage

Happy 448th, William! We’re sure the Bard could put into words far more eloquently than ours what makes our new Cottage of the Week so special. But, along with a historic Grade II listed façade and an equally enticing interior, the reason for choosing Rose Cottage in Stratford on Avon is due to its close proximity to the world renowned cottage of Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare’s Muse and lover. So, if you visited in the 16th century, not only might you have seen a young Shakespeare on his way to visit the Hathaway family home but you could also have popped over to borrow a cup of sugar!

It’s testament to the enduring power of Shakespeare’s words that he’s arguably more of a presence now then he was when he called Stratford home.  You only have to take a look at the ambitious World Shakespeare Festival to measure the hold he still has on the world stage. During the festival’s run, 37 of Shakespeare’s works are set to be performed in 37 different countries, so it seems like the great man will be all but inescapable in 2012, which is just how we like it.

If your interest in Shakespeare expired around the same time as your school uniform then, don’t worry, the surrounding area boasts plenty of non-Bard related activities. The gentle hills of the Cotswolds are just a short distance away, offering a variety of attractions and activities. Warwick is equally accessible, offering a slightly more vibrant experience, filled with fascinating heritage, beautiful architecture and a wealth of options for enjoying your leisure time.

Rose Cottage itself may offer an equally unspoilt taste of historical architecture but it also offers a few more modern day features to ensure your time there is as enjoyable as possible. There’s a widescreen TV with Freeview, a DVD player and a selection of films. There’s also the usual array of white electrical goods to aid your convenience and, for that timeless enhancement to your evenings, there’s also a woodburning stove with initial fuel included.

As the name suggests, the garden at Rose Cottage is equally impressive. The property itself is owned by gardening expert Stefan Buczacki, so the fact that it can essentially act as an extra room in the warmer months should come as no surprise. For those reluctant to step back inside after a day’s lazing amongst the flora and fauna there’s also a BBQ in the garden.

If you’d like to find out more or make a booking take a look at Rose Cottage’s listing on cottages4you.

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