la langue de l’amour

The opportunity to immerse yourself in the language of love is a main reason why holidaymakers enjoy visiting France.  From bonjour to bonne nuit, it seems every word and salutation sounds pleasant to the ear.

Whether you’ve travelled to the country several times or have never been, knowing some key French phrases will go a long way in enhancing your experience.  That’s why we’ve started a list of top sayings you should know before heading to France.

If you’re new to the language, there are many phrasebooks available that can help further develop your conversational ability.  If you think you know your stuff, why not test yourself?

have a nice day

bonne journee (bong zhoor-NAY).


eau (oh), but if you ask for “water” at a restaurant, you will get mineral water. To specify “tap water”, say “eau du robinet” (OH doo roh-bee-NEH) or ask for a carafe of water “une carafe d’eau” (OON cahr-AHF doh).

where is _____? 

où se trouve _____? (oo suh tr-OO-v _____)

Do you know any more need-to-know or tricky phrases?  Share them on our blog by emailing with ‘France Fan Club’ in the subject line.  While you’re at it, send us your fondest memories of France as well as tips, recommendations, pictures and links as well!

You can check out our France Fan Club here.

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