101 places to go – Annecy

We’ve chosen one of France’s most beautiful regions for our new recommended destination. Annecy is France is an all year round attraction offering superb skiing conditions in winter, beautiful sunshine in summer and fantastic things to see and do all year round.

Located on the north shore of Lake Annecy, close to the Swiss border, the magnificent town is built around a medieval chateau and features freshwater channels that often give Annecy the title ‘Venice of Savoie’. The lake itself is the second largest in France and, thanks to strict environmental controls, is widely regarded as Europe’s cleanest. And thanks to its environmental protection, you can enjoy swimming and a host of water sports in the warmer months – not to mention a fantastic boat tour.

The mountains that surround Lake Annecy provide a stunning backdrop and a wealth of high-altitude activities. Skiers descend on the range in winter while summer allows you to take a walk and bathe in the unspoiled beauty of the region. If you fancy a more alternative tour then the accompanied Segway tours offer a unique way to traverse and admire the beautiful landscape.

Annecy town is lovely in daylight but really comes to life in the evening, as the beautiful architecture is bathed in a soft light that bounces off the water and there’s a lovely ambience to the place. The town’s history is marked by several must-see attractions, including the unique Palais de l’Isle in the centre of the Thiou canal.

Have you been to Annecy? Please let us know your holiday tips and the best things to see and do!

If you fancy paying a visit then take a look at our featured cottages to rent in Annecy.

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