Christmas gift guide…for the foodie in your life

Think of the hardest person to buy gifts for in your life. Is it your dad? Probably not, he’s always going to need new socks and funny ties – even if he doesn’t realise it. Perhaps it’s a colleague at work…though that’s doubtful, as we’ve yet to meet a workmate who wasn’t swayed by a festive selection box!

No, we think the hardest people to buy for are those with special hobbies and interests because not only are they self-styled experts in their field, but over the years they’ve normally acquired all they need to not only successfully pursue these interests – not to mention bend people’s ears at dinner parties talking about them.

We know what you’re probably thinking: “I might as well give up now then, eh, cottages4you.” Not exactly; like a festive cross between the Ghost of Christmas Future and Father Christmas, we’ve decided to dig around in our magical sack of 10,000 lovely holiday properties and present you with some gift options to make your loved ones dance around like Scrooge on Christmas morning!

First up: the hard to please foodie…

The food lover in your life will probably not be satisfied with a musical peppermill or a ‘comedy’ apron. Chances are they see gastronomy as a very serious business indeed. But even in business, one has to take a little time off, so how about a villa in Italy’s gastronomic capital, Tuscany? There you can arrange a pizza chef or have the owner come round and cook authentic local cuisine while they sit and gaze over the rolling green hills?

Best Italian restaurant EVER!

Closer to home, we also feature smaller and larger properties in Norfolk, such as Church Cottage and Willow Barn, with guest chefs available by appointment. Or there’s the lovely Yew Tree Cottage near York, Durcott House, a stunning Grade II listed house in Worcestershire, and West Lynch, a beautiful thatched cottage in Somerset – all of which can offer fantastic home cooking visits by appointment.

Great home-cooking in a great home!

Then again, maybe your foodie likes to take control in the kitchen. In that case, take a look at the lovely Craigside in the Lakes. Not only does it feature an incredibly stylish open-plan design, located in the woodland overlooking Lake Windermere, but it also has a fully equipped gourmet kitchen.

The perfect place to cook up a storm!

Result: One festively happy foodie!

If you’d like to get something special for your loved ones this year, we’re offering cottages4you gift vouchers in denominations of £10, £20 or £50 – so you can make up the amount you want to give. Give us a call on: 0845 268 9253 to order. Please note: Christmas vouchers will only be available up to 19 December!

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