Your top 10 favourite films

Following our recent article on UK film festivals we asked our Facebook friends and Twitter followers what their favourite films were. The results were surprising; in fact they were so surprising that we’ve decided to share them here on the blog…

We’re going to present the results as a top 10 countdown and we’ve even added a few related holiday cottage suggestions in case you fancy taking your adventure further!

10. The Sound of Music

A Christmas classic! This tale of the musical Von Trapp family in 1930’s Austria warms the heart as much as it makes the toes tap and the only surprise is it’s so far down the list. Still, it’s an undeniable family favourite and well worthy of inclusion.

Why not try: We don’t feature any properties in Austria but if you fancy making the hills come to life with sound of music, one customer likened the Glens around The Garden Cottage in Crianlarich to the setting of the film – even stating they thought they saw Julie Andrews!

9. Jaws

Less heart-warming but no less of a classic, this taut tale of a hungry shark has kept us out of the water for years. It’s also one of the reasons why we’re so keen on holidaying in the UK! And even though the years haven’t stopped Jaws from looking like a large rubber sausage, it’s still a master-class in tension.

Why not try: Shark Fin cottage in Cornwall boasts commanding views of two of England’s best beaches at Sennen and towards Cape Cornwall. Perfect if you fancy a safe and spectacular view of the ocean!

8. Highlander

Despite featuring a Frenchman as a Scot and a Scotsman as a Spaniard, Highlander still works. This is mainly due to its unique premise: a tale of immortals duelling over the ages, and a great soundtrack by Queen.

Why not try: Tigh A Cnoc in Port Henderson, nr. Gairloch is near the beautiful Eilean Donan Castle, location of the village of Glenfinnan in the original film.

7. The Notebook

Based on the incredibly popular novel of the same name, The Notebook is an unashamedly romantic tale of love over the ages. Despite not setting the world on fire on initial release, the film adaptation has found a longer life on DVD and Blu-Ray and seems very popular in our office!

Why not try: Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook’s author wrote the novel in his spare time, and since the story itself concerns writing we thought Writer’s Retreat sounds like the perfect place to appreciate the written word. This delightful cottage on the Isle of Man is the perfect place to find your inspiration!

6. Monty Python’s Life of Brian

One of the most quotable films of all time is also often considered the funniest. We can’t really say anything more, so we’ll just continue quoting it until people get fed up: “Stwike him, Centuwion. Stwike him vewy wuffly!”

Why not try: Python fans may fancy a stay at Shepherds Cottage in Campsie Fells. This lovely little place is located near to Doune Castle, which featured prominently in the earlier Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

5. Interview with the Vampire

With the success of the Twilight saga, vampires appear to be very much in vogue right now, but the reason for Interview with the Vampire’s addition to our list is probably due to the fact that it’s a loving and lavish adaptation of Anne Rice’s novel, with lots of icky bits and Tom Cruise biting Brad Pitt’s neck.

Why not try: Whitby has earned itself a reputation as the seaside resort of choice for vampires, thanks to its connection with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. So what could be better than Eversfield, an imposing Edwardian country house?

4. The Name of the Rose

According to Wikipedia, the monastery set from The Name of the Rose ended up being the biggest exterior set built in Europe since Cleopatra (the film, not the person). We didn’t know that, but we did know it’s a unique and unforgettable ‘whodunit’ boasting an equally distinctive setting.

Why not try: Bay Lodge is situated within a converted monastery, which is adjacent to the ancient Round Tower of St Declan in Ireland. Sounds perfect for conducting your own medieval investigation.

3. Les Enfants du marais

A quick confession: we haven’t actually seen this one. In fact before we ran the poll, we hadn’t heard of it either! Still, after a little bit of research we’ve found out that it’s a lighthearted and nostalgic drama with some beautiful French locations and an appearance from Eric Cantona and now it’s topping our rental list!

Why not try: Located in the Loire Valley, Mage is the perfect location to explore this stunning region in France. This farmhouse is spacious and furnished in a comfortable French style for extra authenticity!

2. Dances with Wolves

We’ve lost many a Sunday afternoon to Kevin Costner’s directorial debut. This tale of an American soldier absorbing Native American culture offers action and romance in spades. In fact, just talking about it makes us want to watch it again. See you in a few hours!

Why not try: Wagtails, a former granary, stands in the grounds of the Conservation Centre for Wolf Watch UK. We can’t guarantee you can dance with them, but you can certainly pay them a visit!

1. Lassie Come Home

This wasn’t just the first choice; it had a whopping 50% of the votes! The Shetland sheepdog’s debut on the big-screen is a bona-fide classic, but even we were surprised to see it do so well. Still, you can never underestimate the power of a very cute dog and a heart-warming tale.

Why not try: Shepherd’s Lodge in Yorkshire sounds like the perfect place to explore Lassie country. Not only does it offer a superior place to relax and enjoy the countryside but it’s also an award winner in its own right!

Do you agree? Let us know your favourite film in the comments section below. And if you fancy getting involved, why not become a friend on Facebook or follower on Twitter? You’ll find questions, competitions and exclusive offers before anyone else!

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