101 places to go – Bolton Abbey

We must admit to feeling a certain amount of hesitance when recommending ancient monuments.

After all, the UK isn’t short of historic attractions in varying degrees of ruin. Enough in fact that even the hardiest historic explorer could feel a little jaded when confronted with yet ANOTHER ruined spire. But this week’s recommended destination, Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales, is a little different. Not only were there no objections when we suggested these amazing ruins but we reasoned that even the weariest of visitors will be immediately perked up once they take a look at its beautiful riverside setting.

Still not convinced? Take a look at some of the facts and suggestions below and we’ll see if we can change your mind!

• You may well pass The Burlington at The Devonshire Arms on your approach to the Abbey. We must confess, several visits to the Abbey have been thwarted by this fantastic restaurant and we doubt things will chance this week as they’re hosting the inaugural Devonshire Food Festival from 14 – 18 November!

• There are some great walks around the Abbey – including a series of stepping stones across the River Wharfe. If you’re feeling hardy, why not try a crossing yourself? Memorable victims of the stones include Steve Coogan in the TV series The Trip.

• Despite the ruined state of the Abbey, the attached Priory Church of St Mary and St Cuthbert is very much in working order and offers services on Sunday and Wednesday.

• The expansive grounds and riverside setting make Bolton Abbey an ideal place to visit in the warmer months – and since we’re enjoying the mildest November in 300 years, that could be tomorrow!

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