Britain’s best fireworks displays

We put our heads together in the office this week (not literally) to try and discover the UK’s best fireworks displays. Leaving no stone unturned, we also asked our friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook.

We found a great mix of family friendly displays,  celebrations of heritage and elaborate sound and light shows, all of which we’re presenting below. If you have your own suggestion let us know in the comments below!

Like most displays, we’re going to start without a bang for our first entry. Bristol Zoo hosts a ‘Bangless Bonfire Night’ this Friday and Saturday, which makes sense, as one of the few things scarier than loud fireworks is a herd of agitated wild animals! Each firework display runs from 4pm – 5.30pm. Find more info on the website.

They also do things a little differently in Mary St Ottery, Devon. For hundreds of years residents have been lugging lighted tar barrels on their backs as they make their way (quickly we might add) down the street. As with most events of this nature its origins are unclear but it promises a completely unique way to celebrate Bonfire Night. And yes, there is a bonfire too! Find more info on the website.

If you’re after a more modern approach to Bonfire Night then you might like to head north. The annual event at the Meadowbank Sports Centre is Edinburgh’s largest firework display and includes a musical accompaniment to the stunning light show. And if that weren’t enough there’s also pre-show entertainment with bagpipes and sporting events – though perhaps not at the same time! Sounds like the event with everything to us. Find more info on the website.

If you fail to be scared by loud bangs and the sight of a bunch of people getting together to have a massive fire then perhaps Scooby Doo and the gang can help. You can find the fear at Legoland in Windsor with The Curse Of The Lake Monster event. According to the website you’ll ‘Have fun in The Mystery Mansion walk in the haunted house, take part in the Scooby-Doo and the Gang Character Hunt, learn how to make Swamp Slime, then round off the day with a spectacular fireworks display in the evening.’ Sounds pretty terrifying to us! Find more info on the website.

London’s show may be later, but it’s arguably greater. To mark the new mayoral year, the equally new Mayor will start an awe-inspiring firework display on the River Thames. After all, what better way to ingratiate yourself than more than half a ton of giant fireworks, some of which shoot over 600ft into the sky! The event takes place on 14 November. Get there early! Find more info on the website.

Our friends on Twitter have recommended the display at the Llechwedd Slate Caverns. This popular tourist attraction should certainly offer a stunning and unique backdrop to the pyrotechnics. There might also be an appearance from Llechi the Slate Dragon!  Find more info on the website.

Cardiff’s Sparks in the Park event seems to offer everything. There’s a huge fireworks display, bonfire, music, funfair rides, food stalls and more, all under the dramatic shadow of Cardiff Castle! Find more info on the website.



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