101 places to go – Pendle Hill

“If you can see Pendle then it’s about to rain, if you can’t then it’s already started.” Pendle Hill has never had the best reputation – as this local saying will attest.

Despite offering a summit that reaches nearly 2,000 feet above sea level, and incredible views of the surrounding area, Pendle Hill is always going to be known for its part in the notorious witch trials of the 17th century.

The Pendle Witch trials of 1612 saw twelve people from the local area accused of witchcraft. Ten were hanged at Gallows Hill near Lancaster Castle – a figure that represents 2% of the total throughout English history. It’s no wonder the trials are so well-remembered. It’s also not surprising that visits to Pendle Hill peak around Halloween but there’s more to recommend it than witches and bad weather – as we’re going to prove below!

• Also in the 17th century George Fox had a religious experience near the summit. Sadly, we’ve never experienced anything quite so similar, but we’re no stranger to the elation you experience at the peak! So it goes without saying that a trek up Pendle Hill is highly recommended.

• Nearby Skipton is well worth a visit if you fancy a combining history with a wealth of contemporary charms. The “Gateway to the Dales” was said to be the best shopping spot in Britain, according to the Academy of Urbanism, for retaining its character while offering a fantastic retail experience.

• The Trough of Bowland is highly recommended if you fancy some peace and quiet. Popular with cyclists and walkers, though far from being overcrowded, the Trough features some beautiful sights to savour. We won’t spoil them here, as discovering them is part of the charm, but we will leave you with a recommendation to stop for lunch at The Inn at Whitewell. Gorgeous food in a stunning location: what more could you ask for?

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