Cottage of the week – Seaside

With over 10,000 properties in our UK portfolio, choosing a Cottage of the Week often involves finding a topical event and finding a beautiful propery nearby. And since this week offers both King Harold Day and World Space Week, choosing Seaside in Hastings seemed like the obvious choice! We hope this doesn’t take anything away from the property though because, as you can see from the pictures, Seaside is a lovely little place in its own right.

As you might have guessed the property is located on the seafront at Hastings with commanding views over the English Channel. Hastings has been the site of quite a few skirmishes throughout history, so you might find some comfort from the added telescope. Though since the last invasion was a few hundred years ago, we think you might find more use admiring the stars on a clear night. It may not be ALMA but its location is undeniably better suited to holidaymakers!

Battle Abbey, site of the Norman conquest of 1066, is located a few miles out of town. If you do fancy experiencing the region’s more colourful history there’s a battle re-enactment every October, which sounds more fun than the real thing! Hastings maritime history is equally rich and is marked by several attractions, including Smugglers’,  Fishermen’s  and the Shipwreck Museum.

That’s not to say Hastings is a town living in the past, as there are plenty of contemporary attractions and cultural events, including the Hastings Beer and Music Festival, the Hastings Musical Festival, Jack-in-the-Green festival, Torchlight Procession and much more!

Seaside itself is only thirty yards from the beach – perfect for early morning dips, walks over the shingle or watching the local fishermen ply their trade. Of course this also makes Hastings a great place to enjoy seafood! You’ll find Seaside has most bases covered when it comes to cooking up a storm in the kitchen and, thanks to its comfortable décor, is also the perfect place to relax afterwards.

Find more info on Seaside’s listing on cottages4you.


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