101 places to go – County Cork

We were going to just suggest ‘Ireland’ for this week’s location – so full of fantastic things to see and do is the Emerald Isle, but we decided there was too much to choose from!

Unfortunately for us, but not for visitors, Ireland’s second largest city and its surrounding area is equally rich with possibilities for those lucky enough to be holidaying there.

We’re focussing on a handful of things to see and do in County Cork but we’re obviously not going to mention them all, so please let us know what we’re missing in the comments section below!

• An iconic piece of Irish history, the Blarney Stone’s origins may be based in legend but the stone itself is very real. Located in Blarney Castle, a few miles from Cork, the stone allegedly (please note ‘allegedly’) gives those who make amorous advances towards it the gift of the gab. And even if you leave without a silver tongue, the castle itself is still a magnificent monument and well worth a visit.

• The maritime port of Cobh (pronounced ‘Cove’) was once the site where millions of Irish citizens left the country for pastures new – including the last port of call for the ill-fated RMS Titanic. However, few visitors to Cobh these days are so keen to leave, such is the beauty of this tranquil town on the coast. We’d recommend a tour of the nearby Spike Island and a visit to the stunning neo-gothic St. Colman’s Cathedral.

• As you might expect, with so much beautiful scenery on offer, there is an equally diverse array of fantastic walking routes in County Cork. But if you fancy a stroll with a difference then a visit to Fota Wildlife Park will let you soak in tranquil surrounding while you admire a host of exotic animals, including monkeys, cheetahs, pandas and penguins!

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