The Pendle Predator diary – Heather O

The cottages4you sponsored Predator and Mini Predator cycle races take place in the hills of Pendle this Sunday (7 August 2011). So we thought we’d introduce some of our competitors and give them an opportunity to share their training tips and experiences so far.

Our next competitor is Campaign Planning Coordinator and recent cycling convert Heather Osborne (far right of pic).

What made you decide to take part in the Predator / Mini Predator?

2011 is a year of challenges for me – completed my first Triathlon in May, competed in my first Salterforth Drag race in June and now the Predator . . . . sorry Mini Predator, although im not sure there’s nothing mini about 65miles!!! Ha ha ha

I enjoy keeping fit and am active but having these events to train for has given me something to focus on and work towards, especially as I’m get married on October 1st.  I haven’t ridden a bike in years and years but got hooked when I trained for the triathlon, ordered a brand new Cube bike and signed up for the Predator!

What’s your training regime been like?

Up until a couple of weeks ago I went out on my bike a few times a week (about 15-20mile routes) ensuring to include some good hills as I’ve heard horror stories about those we’ll experience on the route!!  Some weekends I’ve joined others on longer 30 and 40 mile rides and this weekend I completed 30 miles on Saturday and 40 miles on Sunday (taking in Waddington Fell) in preparation for next week.  Had to stop my training the week before last due to illness but back on with it now.  I’m hoping that cycling, circuits and swimming will have prepared me enough for the challenge of the Predator!!! Wish me luck!!!

How long do you think it will take you to finish the course?

I’d love to say 6½-7 hours but realistically I think I’ll be looking at 7-8 hours

Any tips to share with your fellow competitors?

Ride your own race.  It’s a long route so take things easy and don’t burn out on the hills: there’ll be plenty to conquer! Most importantly, enjoy and look around – stunning views the whole way!

Thanks Heather!

The Pendle Predator is part of Pendle Cycle Fest 2011. If you’re in the area on Sunday why not pop down and enjoy a host of fun family activities at the Rolls Royce Sports Ground in Barnoldswick. Find more details on the website.

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