101 places to go – Brighton for British Beach Week

Accompanied by well-known wildlife expert Chris Packham, we recently took to West Street beach in Brighton to launch the first ever British Beach Week. The event drew a number of budding beachcombers with the intention of exploring the stone shoreline and having fun in the sun! Along with an array of interesting items that had been washed up on the beach we also found a lovely place with a number of fantastic things to see and do.

So we’ve chosen a couple of our favourite things to see and do in Brighton for this week’s  ‘101 Places to Go in the UK, Ireland and France’. And we’d love to hear yours too! Please leave a comment with your top tips below.

• Unconventional, colorful and fantastic fun, the description of George IV’s Royal Pavilion could easily be applied to Brighton itself. A visit today will not only let you soak up the sights of this testament to regal indulgence, but you’ll also be able to learn about the extensive conservation and restoration work at the property – not to mention explore the expansive grounds and gardens.

Brighton Pier is an equally iconic testament to the region’s colourful history. Offering fun-filled rides to accompany its ‘beside the seaside’ heritage the pier is a must-see on a visit to Brighton. It also gives you one of the best views of the beach!

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