101 places to go – Galloway

Rugged landforms, wild coastlines, deep river valleys and hills that roll up to the heavens…there are so many reasons to visit Galloway that we’re wondering why we haven’t already recommended it.

But as stunning as the land is, and as many things as there are to enjoy in it, we’re immediately drawn to one of its sweeter attractions…

Cream O Galloway’s ice cream is more than enough reason to visit the region, but in case you need more convincing (or need to convince someone else!) this week’s 101 Places to Visit feature will basically consist of a series of excuses to visit Galloway’s ice-cream visitor centre and sample its award-winning wares.

• We’re going to start with 30 reasons to visit, because that’s how many flavours of ice cream they make at Cream O Galloway. Strawberry Pavlova, Elderflower and the spirited Crannachan are some of the more exotic flavours, perfectly complementing the more conventional – though no less impressive – roster.

• The Visitor Centre offers a good selection of activities if you fancy learning about making ice cream, or just fancy burning a few calories. Either way, you’ll find nature trails, a 50 foot viewing tower, Scotland’s only 3D maze, an indoor play area, karts and loads more things to keep the kids entertained.

• Need another excuse reason to visit? Well, the milk used to make the ice cream at Cream O Galloway is all sourced from the farm’s dairy, so the more ice-cream you buy the more you’ll be supporting the local economy!

Have you visited Galloway? Let us know what else to see and do in the comments section.


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