101 places to go – Bordeaux

Situated in a stunning part of France, to the southwest of Paris and on the banks of the beautiful River Garonne, Bordeaux has plenty to offer visitors. Its historic architecture has seen it placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for an urban form ‘that represents the success of philosophers who wanted to make towns into melting pots of humanism, universality and culture.’ And then, of course, there’s also the wine…

In fact, we can think of so many great things to see, do and eat in Bordeaux that it’s harder to think of reasons no tot go. But if you do need a reason then the following should be enough to convince you…

• Since, historically, the Garonne opened Bordeaux to the international community it seems only right that citizens hold a festival in its honour. The two-day Bordeaux River Festival features fireworks, regattas, tall ships, music and a few hardy souls swimming from its shores. It runs on the 18th and 19th June.

• The Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux is one of Bordeaux’s most grand architectural statements, and also one of the best places to soak up some of the city’s famed culture. With both the Opéra National de Bordeaux and the Ballet National de Bordeaux housed in its stunning neo-classical facade, it has more than enough going on inside to match its undeniable exterior beauty.

• If you feel the need to excuse an exploration of the region’s wine (and you really don’t) there are a number of workshops, courses and attractions designed to further your knowledge of Côtes de Bordeaux, ‘Right Bank’ and their ilk. If all goes according to plan you’ll probably soon forget all you’ve learnt – but at least you’ll have fun while you do!

Have you been to Bordeaux? Let us know the best things to see and do by leaving a comment below.

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