World Oceans Day – ‘Basking in Porthcurno’

As we move into the official meteorological summer, the beginning of June also heralds the arrival of scores (sometimes hundreds) of basking sharks off the coast of Cornwall. A great vantage point to take in the sight of these majestic creatures is Porthcurno at the southern tip of the Cornish peninsula. Situated just to the south of Land’s End and very close to the exquisite Sennen Cove, Porthcurno provides a stunning backdrop to view the sharks without having to take to the water.

This part of Cornwall is mesmerising and takes on a real Mediterranean quality. The azure ‘lagoon like’ bay set against rocky outcrops is more reminiscent of southern Europe. The coastal path from the delightful sandy beach to Logan’s rock provides a fantastic elevated position from which to take in the stunning view but also, if you are lucky, to view basking sharks as they pass Cornwall on their annual migratory trail. These huge ‘harmless’ creatures are following the plankton as they lumber along the British shores.

As skylarks provide the quintessential English summer soundtrack you can wander along the coastal route safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy the marine life in their natural habitat without the threat of disturbing them. Basking sharks are a protected species and there are strict guidelines about how they are approached in the water. From the land you have a great perspective and with the crystal clear quality to the water your view should be unobstructed. The ideal conditions are for a warm day with calm waters which also encourage playful dolphins to visit this stunning bay. Dolphin sightings are less frequent but their arrival delight children and adults alike!

If the weather is on your side then maybe take time to ‘bask’ yourself on the beach, surely one of Britain’s finest. Lifeguarded through the summer months this sandy beach is flanked by the stunning Minack Theatre, an amazing location for a unique outdoor experience.

With the sun on your back, the prospect of a delicious picnic and the entertainment provided by Cornwall’s special marine visitors there cannot be many better ways to relax and enjoy Britain at its very best.

Posted by Gareth Mckillop, cottages4you.

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