National Limerick Day – the winner

Inspired by National Limerick Day, we recently ran a competition on Facebook and Twitter asking for budding Edward Lears to submit their original compositions. Well, little did we know that our fans and followers were so gifted – as the quality of the submissions was really good, covering everything from holidays to toilet training(!).

In fact it was a shame that we could choose only one to win. But choose one we did, so congrats to Janice Dyson whose limerick was voted the winner – after much deliberation in the cottages4you office!

And here it is:

We needed some time away
Couldn’t find the right place to stay
Wanted a place with a view
That takes doggy too
And Cottages4You saved the day

The following entries – by Lisa Hughes, Vicki Murray and Stella Day – also get honourable mentions.

There once was a mummy so stressed
Who’s sell by date was way past it’s best
Clearing up snot, sick and dribble
Was making her wibble
She could dream only of having a rest!

There once was a woman from Cork
Who didn’t much like to eat pork.
But she liked gammon
and anything with ham on
and quite liked some bacon on a fork.

There are cottages4you to choose in the UK
There’s some in Ireland and further away
Take a ferry or a plane
To France , Italy or Spain
Or Portugal. You could book it today!

Well done everyone! And if you’re  not a fan or a follower then visit our Facebook page (where you can see the other entrants) or Twitter page to keep updated on the latest offers and competitions from cottages4you.

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