101 places to go – High Force waterfall

We were planning on adding High Force Waterfall as this week’s entry to ‘101 places to go’ because it allowed us to make a hilarious joke about April showers (seriously, it was brilliant). But wouldn’t you know, the weather’s been so lovely in the past few days that we’ll have to make do with letting England’s biggest waterfall sell itself.

Located in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the land surrounding High Force is worth a visit, even if you don’t take the tranquil woodland walk to the falls. Below are a couple of our favourite things to see and do.

Have you been to the North Pennines? Let us know your tips for things to see and do by leaving a comment below!

• In an area dominated by treasures – both natural and man made – it takes something very special to stand out from the rest. We think Raby Castle fits the bill. Allegedly gifted by King Cnut, Raby’s stunning walls and opulent interiors often see it described as one of England’s finest castles. We agree, why not see if you do too?

• Less dramatic but equally attractive, Low Force offers a smaller set of falls downstream from their more famous sibling. This stretch of the River Tees also offers some fantastic walks and the opportunity to test your nerve crossing the fantastic Grade II listed Wynch Bridge.

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