101 places to go – Brittany

With antiquity stretching back to Neolithic times, and strong historic connections with Great Britain, there are many reasons for us to choose Brittany for this week’s entry to ‘101 Places to Go in the UK, Ireland and France’.

We could have chosen it for the unique pink granite coast that stretches from Louannec to Plestin-les-Grèves, or the many ancient sculptures and monuments that dot the landscape. Or we could have chosen it for the inviting temperate climate.

In truth, we chose Brittany for the amazing food and drink. We love sampling local gastronomy on holiday and few places do it as well as Brittany. Here are a few of our favourites:

• Whether you call them ‘crepes’ or ‘galettes’, the buckwheat pancakes of Brittany are a key addition to many fantastic meals in the region. We’re rather partial to the ham and egg filling ourselves…

• Move away from dry land and you’ll see that the ‘Fruits de mer’ in Brittany are second to none. If you’re not swayed by fresh oysters and mussels then you can always have a go at catching something yourself!

• The regional drink in Brittany is no less varied. Traditionally a cider making region, you can also enjoy a myriad of local ales, wines and whisky.

What are your favourite things to see, do and eat in Brittany? Leave a comment below!

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