Honeymoons in the UK

Inspired by the news that Prince William and Kate Middleton are planning on celebrating their nuptials on the Scilly Isles, we recently asked our friends, followers and fans on Facebook and Twitter, where they would choose to spend a romantic honeymoon in the UK. Maybe it was the release of news, or perhaps because we asked the question around Valentine’s Day, but we got lots of great responses.

So where are the UK’s honeymoon hotspots? Well, since all the responses involved being surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it would seem that, like the young royals, we want nothing more than to spend our romantic breaks in stunning remote surroundings.

The Lake District

It’s hard to fault this choice, as the Lakes offers a uniquely appealing mix of cultural history and eye-watering vistas. Whether you take to the waters of Coniston, enjoy a relaxed amble over the hills, or explore the life of local romantic, Wordsworth, this is one location that never ceases to inspire.

We think Melanie K sums up the appeal of the Lake District best: “It’s beautiful and romantic all year round.” We couldn’t agree more!

The Yorkshire Dales

The wild beauty of the Dales has had an equal influence on romantic literature. After all, where else could the turbulent romance of Wuthering Heights take place? Your own romantic tale in the Yorkshire Dales can also include a few activities that didn’t make the final draft of Emily Bronte’s novel, including mountain biking and ballooning!

Emma H sums up the appeal of the Dales: “I’d love to stay in a cosy little cottage in the Yorkshire Dales. Spend all day walking around the Dales, and exploring a nice little pub or 2.” Sounds lovely!


For many, the romantic ideal can only be realised with leisurely walks across golden sands and enjoying romantic meals by candlelight. We’re fairly sure that Cornwall fits the bill, after all it offers a wealth of beautiful beaches and isn’t exactly short of fine dining experiences either!

Tracy S agrees: “I’d love a cosy cottage too but on the coast of Cornwall (any coast, it’s all too beautiful).”


Rolling highlands, dense pine forests, soaring mountains, deep lochs, rivers and historic cities, there’s genuinely something for everyone to enjoy on a romantic break in Scotland. We just hope that such a wealth of choice doesn’t lead to disagreements between happy honeymooners!

Andy H says: “I’d love a quaint little cottage in rural Scotland, plenty of wildlife, privacy and a place to stay. Although I’d be tempted to look for one with an outdoor jacuzzi!”

Where would you like to spend a UK honeymoon? Leave your suggestions below!

If you’d like to book your own romantic retreat, have a look at our featured romantic cottages in the UK.

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