101 places to go – Moray and Speyside

We’re heading north for this week’s 101 Places to Visit in the UK, Ireland and France. Moray and Speyside in Scotland may arguably boast landscapes on a par with last week’s entry, Snowdonia, but the region has the added bonus of the world’s only malt whisky trail.

Comprised of a number of distilleries, the trail allows you to explore a region where the land itself is infused with flavour of the national drink. Each distillery on the trail follows its own unique tradition of producing whisky, and learning about the distillation process is almost as satisfying as enjoying a ‘wee dram’ at the end.

But while the tradition of whisky casts a huge shadow across the region, there are still plenty of other activities to do. Here are a few of our suggestions.

• Dolphin spotting! The Moray Firth is one of only two known UK breeding grounds for bottlenose dolphins, and they are visible from the shoreline all year round.

• There are a number of preserved monuments to Scotland’s rich and vast history throughout the landscape, but Elgin Cathedral is one of our favourites. Despite lying in ruins, the cathedral’s majesty is still very much apparent, and it makes for a wonderfully atmospheric visit.

Got your own suggestions? Leave a comment below!


We’ve had a few reader suggestions on Twitter:

@missToptic recommends “Fantastic walks Speyside at Craigellachie and stunning scenery.Oh and distillery!”

@sellingourhouse suggests “Surfing at Sandend (well ok its Banffshire but nearly Morayshire).”

@Alba_neuk recommends Chivas Regal in Keith on the whisky trail.

Keep them coming!


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