5 strangest beach finds

As we’ve launched the new Beachcombing section on the cottages4you blog we thought we’d take a moment to look at some of the more unlikely items that have been discovered on beaches across the world in recent years.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found on a beach? Why not post it in the comments section below. We’ll send a prize to anyone who can top any of the examples below. Happy hunting!

1. A LEGO man.

Finding an abandoned LEGO man on the beach might not be too out of the ordinary, but we’re talking about a 6ft tall LEGO man, believed to have floated from the Netherlands. The plastic man mysteriously washed up on Brighton beach and his origins remain a mystery to this very day. Perhaps he found out the hard way that LEGO boats don’t actually float?

2. Driftwood.

We’re sure that driftwood is found on beaches all the time, but not to the levels that one Sussex beach received in 2008. Due to a shipwreck, 2,000 tonnes of timber washed up along 10 miles of shoreline. And while that sounds like the perfect opportunity for the world’s biggest beach hut, the wood was ruined from its spell in the sea, much to the disappointment of eager beachcombers.

3. Motorbikes and face cream.

When the stricken MSC Napoli offloaded 40 containers off the coast of Devon in 2007, we’re sure many beachcombers couldn’t believe their luck. Instead of crabs or messages in bottles, opportunists made off with over 50 BMW motorbikes, along with steering wheels and beauty cream. The authorities managed to reclaim most of the stolen bounty, so we can’t confirm if Devon is still known for its youthful looking bikers.

4. Meteorites.

Not all strange things found on beaches come from the sea. Earlier this year a meteorite was alleged to have landed on a beach in Tel-Aviv. Video of the incident shows a smoking object lying in the sand. But what could it be, signs of life on other planets or perhaps a novel way of reserving sun-loungers? We’re stocking up on beach-towels just in case!

5. Mermaids.

Equally strange, in 2006 photos of an incredibly scary mermaid, reportedly washed up on a Malaysian beach, spread across the web like wildfire. Unfortunately (or fortunately!) it was soon revealed to be a hoax by its creator who apparently couldn’t sell terrifying models made of plastic and fish parts (?!) without creating an elaborate back-story. We’re sure most people could have told him that. But perhaps strangest of all, the artist claims people are now buying his pieces!

Posted by Ben Webster, cottages4you.

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