Jackie’s final Cycle Fest training diary

The last week or so has been a bit of a blur with bike and work training
so here’s my last blog….

As I write this there’s just 2 more sleeps to go……
My belly does somersaults at the thought of Saturday, I have visions of
my legs being so wobbly that I won’t be able to set off or get off when
I’m on it!!!!

Been doing lots of 10/15 mile bike rides, making sure there are plenty
of hills, not pushed myself too much as I’ve read what the pros do to
prepare.  Everyone is offering advice, my friend Faulky has given me a
gel pack and glucose sachet to mix with my drink for when I ‘bonk’???
(cycling term)!!  My husband Mark is also doing the ride with his
company ‘Hope’ so he’s constantly telling me what to do/not to do, he
knows I am so competitive that I’m at risk of starting too hard so that
I’ll have an empty tank at the end.

Do I stay in the saddle to go up a hill or stand up? Eat pasta the night
before, have a Guinness as well, try and eat something first thing, eat
every 20 minutes on the ride??

Do I wear shorts with or without,  trainers or cycling shoes – I have
decided definitely trainers as those of you who know me know how clumsy
I am, I can’t get my head round the quick release action of the shoes
and don’t want to cause a pile up!

We’ve all had lots of support from family, friends and colleagues, I am
sure everyone will be glad when it’s over but if one more person asks me
if I’m doing the ‘long’ or ‘short’ option I may swing for them – what’s
short about 50 miles of climbing steep, windy roads???  If you think
it’s short get your bike out and join us!!!
Still waiting for offers from volunteers to push me up the last hill,
you can email/text me or just be there on the day!

Yesterday I was told to expect temperatures of 30, today the BBC said highs of 22 with sunny
intervals…wind 6mph, so that’s ok’ish.  My mum has suggested I take a
little bag with a sponge in to keep myself cool…

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us and offered words of
encouragement – why didn’t you try and talk me out of it??  No seriously
I have started a hobby I will keep going for a long time, hopefully. A
very big thank you again to Hope and Ian for my fantastic bike and to
Angelene for the 4 pack of ‘Pepperoni’ to enjoy with my curry Saturday
evening!!!  I will be thinking of you too x

Good luck to everyone and remember if you have to go up a hill – you’ll
be able to enjoy the descent – but think of what’s happened to Sir Steve
Redgrave and don’t go too fast!  It’s a ride not a race.
(and Duffy – I have tried to check for spellings/grammar!!)

Jackie is training for the National Cyclo-Sportive at Saturday’s Pendle Cycle Festival. Find more info on the event website.

The cottages4you team are raising money for Pendleside Hospice. You can sponsor the team on their Just Giving page and find more info on the hospice website.

Good luck to Jackie, the cottages4you team and all the other entrants.

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