Jackie’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 6

Saturday 6th Simple ride to work and back – 6.5 miles only today.

Sunday 7th Walk to Foulridge with Mark – only 1 pint of Guinness today!  I can’t stay off it – great iron provider! Got 1/2 way home and the heavens opened – totally drenched again – 2nd time in 2 days!  Don’t want another cold!

Monday 7th Bike ride to Rylstone again with Mark first thing – same route I did on 23rd May – drenched again and windy!  Managed to improve my time to 15.2mph.  Feeling more confident – just worried about that last assent at the end of the ride on the 26th June as even Ben is telling me it’s horrendous!  I think my colleagues should offer to push us up it or have a relay team of pushers???  Would that be allowed?

Tuesday 8th 12 mile ride around the local roads, saw my nephew Jacob who wanted to know what all the gadgets did on my bike – wanted me to show him how the quick release levers work on the wheels but I was worried I might have a wheel drop off if I tried.  Still need to learn how to change a puncture – I have all the gear but haven’t done one since my dad showed me as a child…….

Wednesday 9th 3 mile jog before work – seem to have slowed down, can really tell a difference now as my legs aren’t used to carrying the load anymore!!  Back to 10 minute miles!

Thursday 10th My daughter Katie’s 14th birthday so no exercise today!

Friday 11th 9.5 miles Greenberfield to Brogden then met Mark down the bar – even had a curry, read not to do this before a big ride and I know why…

Saturday 12th Nothing today – as working.

Sunday 13th Took Katie to Manchester shopping! I hate shopping and I’d heard the forecast was supposed to be good – guess what – great English summer it rained again so for once I was glad not to have to dry the bike down again – I am looking after it better than my family – they are starting to get fed up of it being in the dining room! 13 days to go …..

Jackie is training for the National Cyclo-Sportive at this month’s Pendle Cycle Festival. Find more info on the event website.

The cottages4you team are raising money for Pendleside Hospice. You can sponsor the team on their Just Giving page and find more info on the hospice website.

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