Ben’s Cycle Fest training diary pt 6

Wed 9th June – Not quite recovered from the weekend, seem to have picked a cold up in the big smoke, but managed an easy hour.

Thu 10th June – 1.5 hours. Went quite well despite feeling as rough as rats. Got up the nasty hill out of Carleton without having to get out of the saddle too often.

Sat 12th June – 2 hours – I figured the roads would be quiet whilst England were playing / chasing the ball around. They were, and I had probably the best ride of the year.

Sun 13th June – 3 hours – Got soaked, but didn’t care as my legs felt good. Got up to 47mph down Waddington Fell, but it did take 20 minutes to get up it first!

Tue 15th June – 1.5 hours – Hilly, still feeling good, but will it last…?

I think I may have found a secret weapon for getting around the course (Watch from about 1:40)

Ben is training for the National Cyclo-Sportive at this month’s Pendle Cycle Festival. Find more info on the event website.

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